About Pride Health Village

To live healthy and lead happy life is the inherent tendency and desire of every individual on this earth. To achieve this is a sense of pride and prowess to the individual as well as the society also, just as the saying goes "Healthy Citizens are the Greatest Asset any country can have". Taking this forward, we have Started 'PRIDE HEALTH VILLAGE' with an Objective of regaining health by strengthening of both Body and Mind by using a unique synthesis of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga and Meditation.

We have a holistic ancient approach, practicing methodology that encompasses Herbal infusion and therapies. This is the 'First Integrated Nature Health Village in Hyderabad' and is best of its Kind. Pride Health Village delivers Uncompromised Health by taking people close to nature and natural medicine and is setup with an intention to create a place that provides Authentic Ancient Health Treatments in Hyderabad, Where one can Actually relieve Stress, Strain and undergo Treatment for One's Own Ailments while still being on a Holiday. All the Treatments are customized and tailored to suit individual constitution and health condition – not by 'Any Size Fits All'. We are going to treat cause of health condition not the effect which is temporary. All the Treatments are Consulted and Supervised by Specialist Doctors and are done by Certified Therapists.

'Art of healing comes from Nature and not from physician'

Pride Health Village is a paradise to enjoy the benefits of healing energy of Nature and along with our treatments. Our yoga and meditation can relax you deeply and teach you how to relax when you are back to the stressful life in the world. The delicious Organic food coupled with fresh vegetable and fruits/juices invigorate your digestive system. The nature walks can sooth your nerves and guarantee you to good sleep.