Ayurveda is ancient system of natural and holistic medicine that focuses on right living and right eating.Ayurvedic Medicine is aimed at maintaining perfect health of a healthy person through prevention and to cure the disease in an unhealthy person through panchakarma treatments and Proper Balanced Diet.


Naturopathy (pronounced Nature-op-athy) is a type of alternative holistic health care medicine that enables the body to heal itself by removing obstacles impeding a cure. Naturopathic medicine attempts to improve health, prevent disease, and treat illness by promoting the use of Nutritious Diet and Physical Lifestyle changes.


Yoga is art of daily living which helps in dissolving physical stress and calming the mind before meditation, and is central to both ayurvedic & naturopathy routine. It is the ideal exercise system, because it rejuvenates the body, improves digestion, and removes stress.


At Pride Health Village, we have a variety of spacious accommodation options equipped with modern amenities available to ensure our guests have a comfortable and convenient stay to facilitate their healing process during the treatment period.

Popular Procedures


Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic body healing system emphasizing health longevity and to relieve human suffering. The word Ayurveda comes from Sanskrit which consists of two words Ayus which means Life and Veda which means Science...

Health Therapy

These Packages are designed by prescribed time frames and the treatment comes in modules of 2, 7, 15, 21, 28 and 40 days based on undergoing treatments. Rejuvenation therapies can be customized based on personnel.

About Pride Health Village

Pride Health Village is set in 14 acres of Lush Green Vegetation of Herbal, Medicinal and Fruit Bearing plants along with Holiest Pond. It has distinctive Design that is beautifully enveloped in greenery and is laid out conforming to the principles of 'VAASTU SHASTRA' and thereby creating an atmosphere with immense curative and restorative power. Pride Health Village was started with Objective of regaining Health by Strengthening of both Body and Mind by using a unique synthesis of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga and meditation and not by using chemical drugs, which have harmful Side effects.

'PRIDE HEALTH VILLAGE' is Located 17 kilometers away from Uppal on Warangal Highway, just in outskirts of Hyderabad and is away from hustle and bustle of city life. Pride Health Village is Integrated Centre clubbed with specialized traditional Ayurvedic 'Panchakarma' therapies, naturopathy and yoga for people subjected to stress, strain and chronic diseases via both In-Patient and Out-Patient facility. All the therapies and treatments are supervised by specialized doctors and people admitted as In-Patient would be given proper scheduled organic diet along with Yoga & Meditation sessions to keep them both mentally and physically fit.

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